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We love everything about fashion and have some great features coming up over the next few months. The online world has changed the way in which we keep in touch, shop and do everything in between. Think of how people conduct everything online, for example video games or playing at best online casinos, our lives have gone digital!

Check Out A Taster Of Our Features:

Men’s Fashion Weeks

mens-fashionMen’s fashion weeks have seen a significant rise over the last few years and that’s no bad thing for us ladies! We all want our men to look good and feel good, and also to understand a bit more about why we love fashion so much! London men’s fashion week is our favourite. Our top trends for men include chinos and high-end grooming but as for the beard look, some of us still love it, but the jury is still out for many of you out there!

Summer collections vs. Winter collections


Something we talk about best online casino in australia is whether we prefer gambling or fashion collections. What do you get more excited about? As sisters who agree on everything we have different ideas here:

Mel- ‘I really look forward to when shops bring out winter collections, especially my favs River Island and Oasis. They really get what autumn and winter are about- a good pair of ankle boots, a chic coat, and plenty of versatile knitwear!”

Kelly: ‘I’m a summer girl when it comes to fashion. I get excited when the shops bring out summer dress collections and tend to buy four or five each summer. I love ‘em all, maxi dresses, skater dresses, tunics, the lot.  And because summer footwear is cheap- you can spend more on dresses!’

2016 Trendspotting

fashion-trendWe’ve already been looking into the top trends for 2016 and we are actually both really excited about the coming months; spring, summer and autumn. A blend of khaki and pastel colours look set to rock the early part of the year, where you can match safari style trousers and jackets with pastel beauty picks.

chanel-chanel-logo-chanel-wallpaperFrills are set to be big part of the upcoming romantic look- but bear in mind, they don’t work for everyone and should probably be kept to a minimum!

Big bold stripes will also be a go-to trend for all of 2016.  Be it on a dress, tee, or jumper, you can say it loud and proud with brightly colored stripes.  For some of us stripes were never out of fashion- so it’s just plain good news that we’ll have more to pick from!